Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software

Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software is a combination of Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic Software and Pulsed Frequency™ Plasma Software. The magnetic component of Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software allows the user to create and run seven-channel magnetic frequency files, while the plasma component allows the user to create and run sixteen-channel audio frequency files and audio files from music ripped from a CD or downloaded as an MP3, WAV or AIFF file. 

Software features:

  1. Create magnetic files in the frequency range: of 0.1 to 4,999.9 Hz. 
  2. Create audio frequency files in the audio frequency range of 1 to 4,999.9 Hz.
  3. Create frequency files from a blank 16-channel spreadsheet with audio frequency combinations from one to sixteen frequencies at one time. 
  4. Create audio frequency files by editing an existing audio frequency file.
  5. Create audio frequency files by ripping music files from a CD.
  6. Create audio frequency files from WAV, MP3 or AIFF files.
  7. Play simultaneously one to sixteen frequencies for a specified period of time.
  8. Create up to 500 sequential multiple frequency combinations (lines).
  9. Save frequency files in a treatment file data bank that may be later transferred to cold plasma generating devices and magnetic field generators.

Download Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software

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Download the software.. When the Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software isn installed, The Pulsed Frequency Magnetic/Plasma icon will appear on your desktop. Please refer to the “Downloading Instructions for Pulsed Frequency Magnetic/Plasma Software”.

Instructions for Installing Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software

Instructions for installing the Pulsed Frequency™ Software are available in PDF format. We encourage you to FIRST read and then follow the downloading instructions.

Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software installation tutorial video (coming soon)

User’s Guide Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software

At the present time there is only one electronics manufacturing company that has integrated the Pulsed Frequency™ Magnetic/Plasma Software with a device that generates pulsed magnetic and plasma fields. This device is called the MR772, manufactured by Wellness PEMF

The MR772 Device Product Guide can be viewed by clicking here -- MR772 Device Product Guide.