Shortcut for Saving Compiled Files for Future Use

What is great about the Pulsed Frequency Pro software is that you can save a set of progams you create called a compiled file. Once I create a set I like or use a lot, I can recall that set under the Treatment Files button.

Take a set of programs for your back:

  • Concussion
  • Sacral Dura
  • Facet Pain Chronic PA
  • Disc Degenerative Chronic
  • Nerve Pain Sciatica

Once you have added them all into the compiler, you can step through the following instructions to save the set of programs as a compiled file:

  1. Give it a file name like "Low Back 3.1.17" and have it repeat 99 times.
  2. Click on the "Transfer the treatment file" button.
  3. When the Name Bank pops up, click "Add a Name".
  4. Name the file: First name - "Back",  Last Name - "Low". Then click "Enter".
  5. Then go back to the list and click on "Low, Back" and let it transfer to device.
  6. Return to home page
  7. Now Click on the "Treatment Files" button and you will see "Low, Back" as a name.
  8. Click on "Low, Back" and it will show you all the programs in under that name.

Now for the slick part: If you ever change the programs in the device, you can always reload this entire set with a couple clicks:

  1. Click on the number 1 in the box and the entire box will highlight.
  2. Go to bottom of page and click on "Send to Compiler".
  3. Now the compiler will come up and you will see the entire set of programs in the compiler. Click on transfer, pick a name and they automatically transfer to device.


is there a recommended file setup for corona-v 19?