EM27 User Guide

Setting Up the EM27 Device

  1. EM27 RJ45 portsInsert the mini USB charger cable into the EM27 mini USB port and the other end into a 110 volt grounded electrical outlet. The EM27 can run plugged into a 110 volt grounded electrical outlet or it can run up to four hours on battery power before needing to be recharged.
  2. Plug either the two LED disks or the two magnetic disks into the RJ45 jacks on the side of the EM27. If using the LED lights, the lights should face the skin. A plastic sleeve (like a resealable plastic bag) can be used in front of the lights, but the light will not penetrate through cloth. Be careful not to sandwich the LEDs between you and your mattress, chair, etc., which could trap heat and make the lights too warm for the skin. LEDs can be held against the skin with a brace, sock or ace bandage. It's normal for the lights to feel warm to the touch.
  3. Turn on the EM27 by pushing the toggle switch on the opposite side of the RJ45 jacks. The green light will indicate that the device is on. When the red "low battery" light turns on, the device should be plugged in to charge the battery. It takes two hours to fully charge. After a full charge, the EM27 will run for four hours.
  4. When using the EM27's magnetic disks, place the flat yellow side of the disks toward the body. The magnetic pulses will go through clothing unlike the LED lights. The magnetic disks are also bi-directional, so, even thought the yellow side emanates a more powerful magnetic field, the opposite side (the side with the flower of life symbol) also emanates a magnetic field. This makes it possible to treat two areas with one disk. For example, you may treat the stomach and hand by placing the yellow side toward the stomach and placing your hand on top of the disk.
  5. You may find it convenient to use the LEDs against your body during the day and use the magnetic disks under your fitted sheet at night while sleeping on top of them. This regimen will maximize treatment effect.

EM27: Useful Tips:

  • It’s very important to drink a minimum of 32 ounces of purified water before a treatment and another 32 ounces of purified water after the treatment. The water helps the frequencies flow through the body and clean out the debris that the cells are casting off.
  • You may experience a slight dizziness or flu-like detox symptoms from this treatment. If this happens, reduce the treatment time. Slowly increase daily treatment time until all programs are run and the unit shuts off.  
  • Electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, I-pads and Kindles may not work within the electro-magnetic field of the magnetic disks so we suggest not using these devices during treatment. This caveat does not apply to LED Lights.

Disclaimer: The EM27 device does not claim to treat or correct any medical diseases, injuries, or symptoms. The EM27 is considered a wellness device.