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Why Frequency Matters

All living systems generate frequency. "Living systems" include whole organisms (like a human), tissues, organs, and cells.

For example, your liver generates a specific frequency, your spleen generates another frequency, and your heart generates yet another frequency.

Why is that important?

When your body is in distress, in a state of illness or injury, or otherwise out of balance, your organs and tissue cease to produce their normal, healthy frequency patterns. Instead, they resonate at "unhealthy" frequencies that detract from their well-being.

What if your organs and tissue could be supported with the frequencies that they normally generate? What if they could be gently coaxed back to their original vibrational state?

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy does just that:  a specific frequency, or group of frequencies, is applied to the body for the purpose of supporting healthy function of a particular organ or system. In turn, the organ or system being treated is encouraged to assume the healthy frequency and return to its original state of good health.

Here's how our software works with your PEMF device...

We've designed a simple interface that will allow you to load any of our 450 plus frequency programs onto your device and get started with PEMF therapy in three easy steps.


Download and run our Windows based software.


Plug in your PEMF device via a USB connection.


Pick your frequency program and load it onto your device.

That's it! If you can use an mp3 player, you can use our software.

You get the benefit of frequency through any of four modalities...



(magnetic coils)



(ionized gas)

lightning bolt



light bulb


(pulsing LED lights)

Depending on your PEMF device's specifications, Waveomics software is capable of creating programs that can be administered through any means of generating frequency.

About Pulsed Frequency

Pulsed Frequency is dedicated to the emergence of new treatment modalities. We constantly strive to improve our software in an effort to provide everyone the opportunity to experience a new paradigm of healing.