About Pulsed Frequency™

The Pulsed Frequency™ website is dedicated to the emergence of new treatment modalities based on the application of energy fields in the form of electromagnetic, electric, plasma, magnetic and light energies. To explore and apply the above referenced energetic fields, Pulsed Frequency™ has created a unique family of PC based software programs (Waveomics™) that allows individuals to experience frequency in the form of time varying (pulsed) magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields. The Waveomics™ software controls electronic devices that generate pulsed magnetic fields by magnetic induction coils, pulsed electromagnetic fields by skin electrodes, pulsed electric fields by cold plasmas, and pulsed light frequencies by narrow band LED lights. The Waveomics™ software will allow EVERYONE the opportunity to experience the effects of specific frequencies alone or in combination that are generated by magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields.

Pulsed Frequency™ does not sell or market electronic devices that generate magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields. Electronic devices that have the capability of generating time varying (pulsed) magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields are noted in the Resources section of this website. The Waveomics™ software is available to download for FREE to registered users. Pulsed Frequency™ is dedicated to the concept of crowdsourcing, and to the development and understanding of the new language of frequency. The Basic version of the software is available to the general public after registering on the website. The Pro version is only available to licensed healthcare professionals and people living outside the USA, after completing the registration process.